Oren Michels to Keynote Day 2 of W+T

We’re nerds for 80′s memes around here, including the old days of Knight Rider and the intelligent car—which isn’t a far fetched idea any more.

Oren Michels

Intel, for example, is doing some amazing things to power the Internet of Everything—including healthcare, security, consumer goods. So we’re really lucky to have Oren Michels—Founder / CEO of Mashery and currently Chief Strategist for Intel—coming to open Day 2 of Wearables + Things with a keynote about the APIs that will power the future Connected Car business and economy.

Oren’s keynote is described like this:

The connected car is today’s ultimate connected device, and APIs are the ultimate business connector. They help companies do incredible things like expand reach and scale, and grow into new markets, all while reducing time-to-market. So what can we draw from how today’s best API programs extend business into the car and beyond? And what does this inform us of how today’s business leaders transform into tomorrow’s connected IoT innovators?

It’s going to be an IoT-errific couple of days. You should join us and save 20% on your seat with code DCTECH.

Posted September 30, 2014 in: News and Updates by Jaimey Walking Bear